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British Actor Known For Her Visceral, Quirky And Oft Disturbing Screen Presence.

After being 'expelled' from Drama school in her twenties Fanni Compton thought her dream of Acting was over. Two years later she won a scholarship to attend one of the Country's top Drama schools in London, Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts. She managed to not get thrown out of this school and at her graduation showcase was noted as 'An Expert Choice' by JAM Agency.

Her first theatre job saw her praised by Sir Ian McKellen who said she was 'Superb. Highly watchable'.

Additional Information

Selected & Chosen For A Scholarship to go to Mountview Academy Of Theatre Arts

Workshops & Seminars

*Dance For Actors (6 Months) - Paul Harris

*Insight Into Ibsen - Jake Murray

*Shakespeare's Scroll - Nick Hutchinson

*Americana - Alan Cox

*Devising & Adapting 'The Tempest' - Serdar Billis

*Industry Talks - Jack Dee , Brian Cox & Robert Whitelock

*How To Sell Yourself As A Screen Actor - Andrew Higgs


Fanni Compton sets the tone for this (show) with a scene from On Love by Mick Gordon, in which a couple discuss the ups and downs of their relationship. Compton seems particuarly relaxed in (her) role, lending her a maturity beyond her years and allowing her a style that is both unpretentious and unaffected. Such a focused opening is a hard act to follow....''

Fanni Compton is also noted as an 'Expert Choice' by Industry Professionals - Hannah Troup, junior agent, JAM Agency

Review in 'The Stage' newspaper. Thursday, November 4th, 2010

...For sheer antic lunacy, Lola Stevenson's alliance with cabaret act Bourgeois & Maurice, involving a rifle,a monumentally stupid gardener and a posh bird,(Fanni Compton) with a one-track mind, with her three children called Freedom, Fairness and Responsibility, gets my vote.

Review in 'Time Out' Newspaper

By Nina Caplan

December 2010

(In Cleveland Street) Fanni Compton is wonderful as the ruthless madam of the piece....

Review on UKtheatre.net

By Oliver Valentine

April 29th 2011

Fanni Compton is perhaps the strongest performer in Cleveland Street, both in terms of acting and singing,sketching her character broadly enough to allow room for pathos when her world collapses around her.

Review by Tom Wicker

Exeunt Magazine

April 2011

Vocally, Fanni Compton is by far and away the best of the ensemble, ....a stand out performance!

(Review by Matthewman.net 2011)

Fanni Compton, insults (her husband)in an entertainingly pronounced Gallic accent. Compton as the only female member of the cast, clucks about in her elaborate eighteenth century dress, her bustle protruding out like the tail of a mother hen strutting along, portraying a shrewish sense of experience beyond her years.

(Review From ExtraExtra 2011)

"Compton is a fine comic actress, nearly bringing an audience to tears with her turn as a rough and ready hot chestnut seller." (Review from whatsonstage.com 2011)

"A sterling central performance from Fanni Compton as Catherina Linck - the only woman ever executed for sodomy. She manages to combine a ferocious energy with vulnerability, both exposing the character's duplicitous nature and yet making her the tragic victim of circumstance."

Jonathon Kaufman (Producer/Director)2013

"Fanni Compton commits fully and passionately to her role as Linck and does well to navigate Linck's conflicted existence in every aspect - spiritual, political, and sexual."

Everything Theatre Guide 2013

"Fanni Compton gives a confident and yet sensitive portrayal of Linck, and approaches this real life character with intelligence and care. Compton's Linck flits seamlessly between childlike sweetness and fearsome mania and her massive energy carries the play."

Female Arts Review 2013

"Few actresses are able to draw up such raw truthful emotion. Very impressive. Incredibly powerful and an exceptionally good actor"

Philip Rosch - Actor 2016

Additional Skills

Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Modern, Ballroom, Tango, Freestyle, Singing, Impersonations, Comedy, Computer Literate, Cycling, Voice, Accents, Make-up, Guitar, Song Writing, Painting, Poetry